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An island ʻohana resilient through economic, cultural and environmental challenges.

Who are we?

E ala! E alu! E kuilima! 

Up! Together! Join hands!

A call to come together to tackle a given task


Who are we? 

The Kauaʻi Resilience Team is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization whose purpose focuses on the North Shore of Kauaʻi, a joining of efforts to provide hands-on and relevant support targeting, but not limited to, residence and generational families that are affected and impacted by drug and alcohol addiction/abuse through cultural and ‘āina engagements that address the healing of the body, mind, and spirit. The non-profit focuses on community outreach and support through Ka Malu Halau a Ola Health and Wellness Center and helps with relief efforts during times of natural or man-made disasters.


Our Why


There is a strong commitment on the part of North Shore residents on building and strengthening the capacity and resiliency of our community to be self-sufficient. In response to the unprecedented challenges of the 2018 flood and the COVID pandemic, residents have worked collaboratively in a common effort to ensure that we have the necessary resources and vision to remain a sustainable community despite environmental and economic disasters. And we are confident that our community possesses the talent and commitment to meet this challenge with the participation of young people with energy and foresight and kupuna with the wisdom and experience to guide and direct them on this important venture.  

Our Why

Our values and focus


He pili kua, He pili alo

Close to the back, close to the front; well protected

A drug and alcohol free, safe space that is cognizant of emotional, mental, and physical rehabilitation


‘A’ohe pau ka ‘ike i ke halau ho’okahi 

All knowledge is not taught in the same school

Structured, multi-faceted, personalized treatment focusing on long-term recovery integrating professional, community, and cultural strategies and resources (adjusted to target individual needs)


Mai ke kumu a ka welau

From the trunk to the leaf buds; the whole thing

Addressing the whole person - healthy living/personal health (past trauma, anxiety, depression, etc)

o    Physical: detox, food/meals, exercise, XPT (breath-move-recover)
o    Mental: psychotherapeutic 
o    Emotional: meditation, sharing of experiences and feelings with others


Mohala i ka wai ka maka o ka pua 

Unfolded by the water are the faces of the flowers; People thrive where living conditions are good

Sustainability: ʻĀina (watershed/natural resource) consciousness and restoration


Ho’i ka ‘o’opu ‘ai lehua i ka mapunapuna 

The lehua-eating goby has gone back to the spring; Said of one who has gone back to the source

Cultural grounding – Collective consciousness – Contribution – Service


Mai ka uka a ke kai, mai kahi pae a kahi pae (….) he ho’okahi no ‘ohana 

From the upland to the sea, from one end to the other, there is only one family

Community and family engagement and support all-inclusive in the healing journey.

Values + Focus
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